Corporate event photographer

High quality professionally shot and processed photography.

We don’t just take pretty pictures. Our mission is to show your conference from the best possible angle – literally

If we were to describe the goal of our photography solutions in one sentence, we would say we’re here to find the human aspect in technology. Every photo taken by one of our London conference photographers has a story behind it, and all together they build a complete picture of your brand value.

Our London corporate event photographer services are dedicated companies and organisations that wish to show the world they care, that they are up for hard work, and that a conference can be a great opportunity to brings people together. It’s for people who are not afraid to ask for brilliant quality, ideas, and uniqueness.

We offer two main types of video services:

Event Photography

A complete coverage of all the speakers, interesting-looking audience and conference day mood. In other words, it’s a story of your conference in pictures.


A series of business headshots of delegates, speakers, and organisers that can be used in your directory, delegate booklet, or a next-conference brochure.

Conference Photography
Price list

It’s never just another conference photography job for us. At Conference Factory, we are all about dynamic shots that introduce the main characters, gradually unveil the potential of your conference, and add energy and intensity to it. We are all about professional shots that show your personality and give a hint of why you are the best at what you’re doing. We are also flexible in terms of how much you wish to cover and what type of feel you want to achieve.

Price starts from:
  • Up to 60 processed photos
Price starts from:
  • Up to 80 processed photos
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Portraits of speakers taken during the conference
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